Know The Workers Compensation Process

When an individual is injured at work, he can opt for workers compensation if the same is offered by the company. The workers compensation is an insurance type that covers up lost wages and medical expenses of the injured worker. There is a set process that has to be followed in order to claim the compensation known as the workers compensation process.

Step 1: Report the injury

The first process of seeking workers compensation evaluation for injuries at work is to report the injury. If you have been injured while at work, you must file a report the concerned authority. If you are working under a supervisor, make sure you report to him immediately. Your next step should be to get first aid immediately. When you visit a doctor or a medical practitioner, he will help you with the injuries. He will also fill out the form provided to you by the employer that will include all the important details related to the injury.

Step 2: Form submission at workers compensation board

If your wondering how do you file a workers compensation claim hers how.When you have reported the injuries to the concerned authorities, they will submit the form in the workers compensation board. When the form is submitted in the board, the officials will start working to get you compensation for the injuries you suffered while at work. It is important that you let your healthcare professional know about your injuries so that he can fill up the form properly.

Step 3: Process of claims

After the submission of the form at the board, a case worker will be assigned to your case. Before an individual is assigned for any compensation case, the severity and complexity of the injuries are determined. When a worker has been slightly injured, the case is marked for low complexity claim. When the injuries are of moderate nature, the injury case is marked for medium complexity claim. However, according to Kenton’s Law Office, when the injuries are of serious nature, the case is marked for high complexity claim. The high complexity claims are usually resolved in the quickest time possible. The case worker collects all the vital information pertaining to the injury.

Step 4: Making of decision

When the case worker compiles his report, a decision is made regarding the worker. The workers compensation board uses the information collected by the case worker to decide the acceptance of claims and level of benefits to be awarded to the injured employee.

The workers compensation process might seem to be a long procedure for many injured employees. However, it is very effective in ensuring the employees get their rights.